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Darcy Alison Spitz

About Me & My Work


Darcy Spitz

[email protected]

(212) 729-7417


Eyes give images souls, they symbolize the divine, the self, perception and observing without judgment.

I should add, my father was an optometrist, so from my earliest days, eyes were everywhere.

I also became nearsighted at an early age.

As a young teen, I had an art teacher say to me “images of eyes were passé.”

I dutifully avoided painting and drawing eyes for many years, until I realized that I could leave

that bad advice behind. Ever since, I’ve celebrated eyes.

Visionary Art

Music appears to my inner eye as beautiful rich patterns, emotional states appear as shapes

and motion in a rich parallel inner universe. My paintings and drawings come from this world,

and I hope viewers find pleasure and meaning of their own in my these images.

The Unconscious

I sit down and start drawing or painting, without much of a plan but with a sense of something

needing to “come out.” I think the “door” between my unconscious and consciousness is

wide open and that allows the images to pour out onto paper.

Fabric Patterns

My extended family had a business selling custom draperies, bedspreads and home furnishings,

which meant I saw many fabric sample books as a child. Each page of the sample book had a

photo of a bedspread and draperies made from one color-way of the fabric pattern accompanied by swatches of the same pattern in different colors-ways.

My mom, her identical twin and I spent a lot of time discussing the different patterns and our personal color preferences. I became fascinated at how the same pattern in varied colors could feel completely different.

Fabric stores also played an important role in my life – my mom sewed exquisite clothes. I wandered through countless fabric stores looking at the patterns, textures and feel of the material.


In my family, there was also a fascination and obsession with fine jewelry. My uncle was an

“upstairs jeweler” which meant he was an estate jeweler, available only by appointment.

Although my family didn’t have a lot of money, my grandmother, mother and aunt bought

fine antique jewelry on installments.

Finely made jewelry is elaborately made, perfectly crafted and rich in color.

Although I love to wear jewelry, I prefer to make beautifully crafted, richly detailed paintings –

for me the beauty is in seeing, which is free to anyone. The universe within is jeweled.

Fine craftsmanship is important to me in my work.

Medieval Illuminations

Medieval manuscripts were often painted in egg tempera, a stable paint that retains the

jewel like intensity through the ages. The carefully drawn internal sacred spaces of

Medieval religious manuscripts have always pulled me to them, however,

they are often filled with images of torture, which repels me and isn’t within my ethnic or

religious tradition.

For several years, I studied manuscript illumination at the School of Sacred Arts in

New York – which has since closed. Learning Medieval techniques led me to my small jewel

like painting.


I earned a BFA in painting at the University of Illinois, and an MFA in painting at

Rhode Island School of Design.

Personal Details

I was born in Chicago and have lived in New York City for many years.

I have had one person shows at Ten Worlds Gallery, Marc Miller Gallery and have

been in many group shows. My work is included in private collections as well as the

Chase Manhattan Collection.

This website contains a small sampling of the thousands of paintings and drawings available,

all of which are available for purchase.